Picking from 2K+ con-tech startups like ‘a kid in a candy shop’

AUTHOR Kathleen Brown
Finding reliable products in the booming construction technology marketplace has contractors stretched thin, but the right partnerships could boost efficiency and offset the hassle.

Christian Burger, president at Burger Consulting Group, jokes that an IT leader faced with a wealth of construction software choices is "the kid in the candy store [who] used to have a choice between five or 10 pieces of candy and now he’s got 50 or 100 and his mind starts to get overwhelmed.

How to Increase Your Construction IT ROI

ROI is what drives and sustains a business. Your investments must bring some value higher than the initial investment, in order for it to be worth the effort, time and money.

AEC IT Departments' ROI are no different. The time, money and effort you put into your IT initiatives have to bring back some value to the company, help increase productivity and the overall bottom line.

Top Ten Observations from the AGC IT Forum 16

Top Ten Observations from the AGC IT Forum 16

By Christian Burger

Let’s start with the obvious: Chicago offered up a beautiful couple of Summer days with the obligatory humidity and a stellar location for this year’s event, held at the architecturally interesting Radisson Blu/Aqua (designed by a local architect Jeanie Gang and built by Chicago local, McHugh). 
The Exhibit hall was jammed with nearly 25 software vendors and service providers, all eager to share more about their products with the participants during breaks.

Colorado Chapter of CFMA Presentation Recap

Christian Burger, President of Burger Consulting Group, was graciously invited by the Colorado Chapter of CFMA to present Document Management, Project Management (PM), and Collaboration during their recent morning meeting. It was a well-attended event and the group asked many good questions.

Recap on the ENR Webinar: The Future of Collaborative File Sharing

If you tuned into today’s ENR webinar, The Future of Collaborative File Sharing you realized that there is considerable confusion in the construction marketplace around document collaboration (e.g., Box, DropBox), project collaboration (e.g., Procore, Aconex, PM Web), and ECM solutions (e.g., Paperless Environments, OnBase, VCM, and Alfresco). Many companies are using one or more of these solution classes instead of the proper solution class for their needs.