ECM Readiness Assessment

This short engagement focuses on objectively answering some simple, yet very important, questions for your organization:
  • How would your organization benefit from ECM technology?
  • Where is the “payoff” from migrating to this type of solution (e.g., mitigating risks and inefficiencies associated with your current processes)?
  • How ready is your organization, IT infrastructure, and other primary systems for ECM implementation?

Information like this is sought routinely from our experienced professionals. Once we spend time on site with your personnel, we can better understand your systems, how well they are being used, what documents you process, and how content is being stored, accessed, and routed.

Please see the additional reference materials listed below:

The fee for this engagement is fixed at $6,500 plus travel-related costs, and includes a two-day onsite workshop with two senior consultants as well as the development of an Executive Summary.